Oh, Apple you make me mad!

As we run a mobile phone site, filled with all the latest news, reviews, best of’s and the like, we pretty much get handsets to test drive as soon as they come out. Now if you are lucky, some manufacturers will give you a handset to review but it is not something that we expect from them.

With the release of the iPhone 7, our whole office was pretty excited to check out the latest flagship from one of the world’s top mobile phone manufacturers. So with the release of the phone, conveniently my mobile phone contract was coming up for an upgrade, so you can guess what I was going to choose as my new handset – that’s right a nice shiny, new iPhone 7.

I went to my regular store where I upgrade and sure enough, they had stock especially for those customers wanting to upgrade. A half-an-hour later and my contract was checked and cleared and I left with my new iPhone 7 32 gig in my hands.


When I got back to the office, all our staff were around me wanting to see the phone in the flesh instead of all the pictures we had seen on the internet.

And when I took it out of its packaging, there was an audible intake of breath… this phone (like all Apple products it must be said), is beautiful!

And so came the moment of truth. I put in my sim card and switched it on and waited. Nothing! The screen remained blank. It just wouldn’t go on. So we thought the battery might be flat. We plugged it into a charging point. Still nothing. No charging, no turning on, no nothing!

So back to the store where I made my upgrade. As luck would have it, they had no more 32 gig handsets in stock, they had literally flown out the door. So what were my options? They suggested taking it to an Apple specialty store to see if they could find a problem.

I did this only to face a massive disappointment. They would take the phone in to check it out but they could only lend me an iPhone 6s as a replacement phone! Noooooooo!  After waiting so long to try the iPhone 7s it seems I will have to wait a little longer.

We will have it back next week and then we can start with our tests and post a review of the new handset as quickly as possible!