The 5 best handsets for mobile gaming

Speak to any mobile phone user and they will admit that the ability to play games on their handset is one of their top considerations when buying a phone. Why? Well, no matter how young or old you are, you can find just about any type of game on the iStore or Google Play that you fancy.

Even people who you would not associate with playing games, such as the retired generation can now find their favourite games to play on their mobiles. Just think of the millions of people who love Sudoku, or what about a game of chess. This makes a mobile phone appealing to a whole new demographic and not just your average, young person who you normally associate with games.

Bear in mind, this is often a subjective choice, but here are our best handsets for gaming.

HTC OnePlus X

Now high-end phones are obviously going to be able to play the latest and greatest mobile phone games but if you are looking for a budget option, look no further than the HTC OnePlus X. Although it is powered by the now slightly older Snapdragon 801, it is important to note that this was the best processor in the world a few short years ago.

In fact, the OnePlus X still gives incredible results on benchmark tests with over 40 frames per second when running the Unreal Engine. It is worthy to note that this gaming engine is still used for the majority of shooter mobile games produced today, and these are certainly the most graphic intensive games you can run on a smartphone. Perhaps one little let down is the screen size, which at 5.1 inches is a little small for some.

HTC 10

When it comes to a gaming experience, many handsets offer high-quality graphics but terrible sound. If an audio experience is important to you while playing games, then the HTC 10 is your answer.

Not only does the handset have two stereo speakers but the layout works brilliantly. One speaker (the top one) faces the front while the second speaker (on the bottom of the phone) actually is housed in the frame at the phone’s base.

Both speakers handle different sounds. The top speaker plays any trebles and mid sounds while the bottom speaker is on bass duties, only playing sounds with low-end frequencies. This leads to a truly impressive sound experience.  Other specs include a Snapdragon 820 processor, and Adreno graphics processor and 4 gigs of RAM, enough to handle even the most graphic intensive game. The HTC 10 is certainly on par with the Samsung Galaxy S7 when it comes to gaming.

Nexus 6P

Xiaomi produces quality budget smartphones and the Nexus 6P is certainly no exception. This handset is a great option for gamers looking for a deal at a slightly lower price than your flagship phones.

The Nexus 6P has an Adreno 430 graphics processor, a Snapdragon 810 processor and 3 gigs of RAM, high-end components to ensure your gaming experience runs as smoothly as possible. Not only that, but it includes a big 5.7-inch screen and an AMOLED display, which delivers crystal clear visuals. The phone in fact, costs almost half as much as a Samsung Galaxy S7 but delivers pretty much the same levels of gaming performance.  This handset is impressive!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Until we can run comparative tests on the iPhone 7, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is definitely the standout handset of the current generation. Naturally, it has some impressive specs and this doesn’t hurt when it comes to playing mobile games.

With a Snapdragon 820 processor, an Adreno 530 graphics processor as well as a massive 4 gigs of RAM, the S7 Edge can play any game on the market with ease. In fact, this handset will be able to run games that even require more processing power than the current generation, well into the future.


Of course, when gaming you want as big a screen as possible and at 5.5 inches, the Galaxy S7 Edge doesn’t disappoint. One other excellent feature is the Samsung Game Launcher which helps to store and keep your games in an orderly fashion. No longer do you have to scroll through screens of apps trying to find the game you want to play.  Not only that but it allows you the novel ability to record your gameplay!

If you are looking for a gaming handset and money is no option, the S7 Edge is for you!

Apple iPhone 6s

No doubt the iPhone 7 will trounce the 6s in terms of gaming ability but until we have tested one thoroughly we will keep our focus on the older model.

Even though this model is now a couple of years old, it still has some impressive processing power in the form of the A9 chip. It is let down in terms of RAM however, and only has 2 gigs. Having said that, it is more than capable of still playing the latest games available on the iStore.

One advantage in picking an Apple product as your preferred gaming device is that many developers release games for iOS first before any other operating system.

So there you have it, our choice for the best gaming handsets on the market today. Remember, if you are not going to play very graphically intensive games, a budget smartphone will do the trick, saving you tons of money in the process.